Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Introducing... Malili Otoya

We are proud to introduce Malili Otoya's

Mopa Mopa Collection!

Mopa Mopa is a resin that is found in an endemic tree of the Putumayo region of Colombia. First, the buds of the Mopa Mopa are boiled in water until they become a resin that looks
like gum. Once the resin has been purified, artisans add color to it with mineral powders and mix it well. Then, the resin is put in boiling water once again. Afterwards, it is stretched until it becomes a very delicate film. That film is then attached to the wood and cut in different shapes with a tiny knife that results in the colorful Mopa Mopa pieces.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to view the collection,
request high-resolution images, samples, or complete line sheets with prices,
or to schedule your visit at any of our upcoming trade shows.
About Malili Otoya:
Malili Otoya's inspiration comes from her artistic sensitivity, innovative personality and stylish eye. Each piece of jewelry is an expression of sophistication, elegance and gracefulness. Her designs have caught the eye of the media as well as of the fashionistas, who describe Malili as a "unique trend-setter in the industry."
Malili studied in the Istituto Europeo di Design di Milán. In 1998 she opened her first boutique in Cali, Colombia. Today, her brand has expanded to other cities in Colombia and the United States, with a total of four boutiques.
She has been able to blend European and Colombian techniques to bring forth her creativity in each piece of jewelry. In addition to silver, bronze and gold, Malili uses natural materials such as the colorful mopa mopa, wood, tagua, fique, macrame, and the delicate technique of filigrana or filigree.
Malili Otoya is committed to helping her community. She is an active member of the MAC foundation in Colombia. One of the projects that she has been involved with is Expoartesania. The project gives work to over 40 women who are heads of the household of Indian tribes such as the Guambiana.